NDIS Psychology Provider

Breakthrough Psychology is a registered NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provider for therapeutic supports and can provide counselling to people with disability in need of psychological support. NDIS participants can access support to acquire and develop different techniques and skills to strengthen their mental health and achieve their individualised goals through a series of counselling sessions.

The NDIS or National Disability Insurance Scheme seeks to help people with a permanent or significant disability who are under the age of 65 acquire the support and resources they need so that they can live their daily lives with as much independence as possible. The NDIS is unique in the way they provide for their participants because they understand that each individual has different sets of needs because of their disability. The NDIS allows the participants to personalise their plans and which services and resources to acquire per that individual's specific needs, situation, and goals. This helps empower the individual, give them tools to live their day to day lives as normally as possible, and help them live within their local community.

The NDIS offers counselling services and other resources to people with disability and allows them to create their plan of action based on their immediate needs and future goals. The NDIS can fund services and support for education, employment, social participation, independence, living arrangements, and health and wellbeing, given that all should be reasonable and necessary for the participant. Once the participant's plan and funding are approved, they are given access to the services and resources they choose to help with their daily needs and to achieve future goals.

Please contact the office on 1300 52 56 52 or email info@drkerrithomas.com.au if you would like to access your NDIS funding for counselling through Dr Kerri Thomas.

Please note, all participants must be 18 years and older.

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