One in five Australians will experience depression in their lifetime. People experience depression in different ways. Someone might feel low or irritable for a number of weeks if they are worried about something specific that’s going on in their life. Someone else might feel extremely sad for many months or years, barely capable of doing anything, perhaps viewing their whole life as meaningless and pointless. There is a huge range in the severity of depression. 


But there is a significant difference between feeling low for a few days and suffering from major depression. Depression is a problem when the feelings of sadness are overwhelming or if you find it hard to enjoy things you used to find pleasant.

Symptoms of Major Depression include:


  • Feeling sad most of the day, nearly every day, for a period of at least two weeks

  • Difficulty engaging in usual activities and difficulty enjoying activities

  • Tearfulness

  • Withdrawing from social activities

  • Significant loss (or increase) of appetite

  • Difficulty sleeping (or excessive sleeping)

  • Difficulties with concentration and memory, and difficulty making decisions

  • Feeling slowed down, tired, lacking energy or not very motivated to do things

  • Irritability

  • Feeling very guilty about things

  • Excessive worry or rumination

  • Feeling hopeless about the future

  • Feeling very low about oneself and one’s abilities.

  • Feelings of worthlessness

  • Reduced interest in sex

  • Frequent thoughts about death, perhaps even thinking about suicide

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